The Whangarei Rotary Club was established in 1925 and we have 30 members.  We distribute  approximately  $50,000 every year to humanitarian, educational and community programmes,  activities designed to empower the lives of people, advancing our ultimate goal of world understanding and peace.

There are two other Rotary Clubs in Whangarei that  we sponsored.

Active in Your Community

Most of our Clubs’ Activities are carried out in “Whangarei“. 

We were instrumental in raising $125,000 for the Helicopter pad at the Northland Base Hospital and providing landing pads at Kaitaia, Kaeo and Kereikeri.

We raised over $60,000 for the Hospice in 1995,  involving the whole community.

In 1994 with the assistance of Stevensons  Auction we built a $35,000 children’s playground at the Town Basin.

Every year we distribute approximately $50,000 into the community via the AK Franks, McCoy & Bernard Bowden trusts & Sunshine Funds.

We hold a Speech competition every year for Secondary Schools in the Northland District, with the help of Other Northland Rotary Clubs and the winner spends approximately 2 weeks in Australia with our Sister Club (Tweed Heads). the aim is to  encourage better communication skills and fostering Trans Tasman friendships, which have remained into adulthood.